Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Safe When Left Alone at Home

Some people and you may worry when you leave your dogs at home. To make you less worried, you need to make sure your dog is always happy, entertained, and safe while you leave your home. It’s also essential for you to learn about fences that will keep your dogs safe. Moreover, you can also give your dogs a pre-check before you leave them alone. You may have already tried some of these things, but if not, here are some tips that will make things a little better for both of you.

Keep Dog happy and safe at home

Feed Them Before You Leave the House

I think it is essential for your dog and you. Dogs with big bellies are more likely to sleep. Some dogs eat everything as soon as they leave the house; many others, especially if fed alternately, don’t bother with food until they come home. If your puppy eats when you are there, continue to feed him and wait for him to eat before you leave. However, if you have a dog susceptible to gastric bloat and torsion, it’s not advisable to feed him a meal as you leave the house.

Do and Prepare Some Entertainment for Your Dog

Keep Dog happy and safe at homeA calm dog will have a full belly after a morning of running and emptying. It’s not always easy for everyone, but set your alarm for half an hour and take the opportunity to walk your puppy far enough and fast enough to come home empty. Furthermore, some dogs will spend some time looking for each of your hiding places. Change hiding places daily and use a treat that your pet likes. Some dogs, unfortunately, will wait patiently to discover the treats when you get home.

Get Another Pet

This tip won’t necessarily work if you’re a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, but for dogs who get tired when they’re home alone, this can be a great remedy. A canine companion may be best, as they can fight and play independently, but if you don’t need another puppy, a cat, parrot, or even a rabbit may be a great option. My pitbull is busy sitting at the end of my parrot’s perch waiting for me to throw him some coconut shavings, plus my schnauzer spends a lot of time watching my backyard rabbits scamper around my yard.

Subscribe to a Dog TV Shows

Many dogs don’t like the TV shows we watch because the pictures flash. A new television channel is expected to be pleasing to your pet’s eyes, along with dog-related programming, so your pet will likely be interested. Consider setting a timer/programmer to turn on the TV during the evening. The sound and pictures will likely draw your pup in and keep him occupied during the application.

Use a Webcam and a Treat Dispenser

Get a feeding dispenser that you can electronically control. Then you also need to place the answering machine upstairs, directly behind a webcam so you can see your dog. Give him an order, and if he stays, tell him he’s a good boy, for example, and offer him a treat. I’m assuming you’ve already trained your puppy in obedience, so he’ll be convinced as soon as he’s left alone. If not, start now and allow him to feel much better at home.

Install a Wireless Dog Fence

Some dogs will take advantage of this and spend some time in the backyard. However, some readers are concerned when their dog is missing or digging up the fence. Hence, you need to install a wireless dog fence. This tool can let your dog know if he’s going too far. So, you have nothing to worry about. It’s also good for you if you can’t let your puppy out during the day. You can set up a place to sit in a front window and watch passersby during the day.